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What is the Difference Between Non-Detectable THC and CBD?


Cannabis consumers have access to more cannabinoids than ever. Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids that uniquely affect the human body. These cannabinoids interact with receptors held throughout your body. As cannabinoid development progresses, consumers learn more about how cannabinoids benefit their bodies and lifestyles.

As it stands, THC and CBD are the most popular cannabinoids available on the market. However, minor cannabinoids besides THC and CBD are gaining popularity among consumers: CBN, CBG and CBC. Hemp companies like Dr. CBD are developing oils, isolates and water solubles containing CBD and minor cannabinoids.

Cannabis Consumers Want Access to CBD Products Without THC

Multiple research studies have substantiated the effect of CBD on libido. To understand how the substance improves sex drive, let’s first look at its mechanism and how it works in the body.

Many cannabis consumers do not seek the euphoric effects of THC and prefer hemp products. The issue is that CBD and minor cannabinoid products often contain trace amounts of THC, as they are legally allowed to possess up to 0.3% THC content. Consumers sensitive to THC risk experiencing an adverse reaction to products containing CBD and minor cannabinoids. These consumers demand hemp products without THC.

Additionally, consumers subjected to drug tests as a condition of employment risk losing positions due to consuming hemp products. These consumers could unknowingly ingest THC and fail a drug test. They need access to CBD and minor cannabinoids containing no THC.

What is the Difference Between Non-Detectable THC and THC-Free Products?

Full-spectrum hemp containing less than 0.3% THC are used to manufacture products with CBD and minor cannabinoids. Many consumer brands have been found to contain THC even though the label claims they are THC-free.

Alternatively, CBD and minor cannabinoid products labeled as Non-Detectable THC (NDTHC) are lab-tested to prove they contain undetectable amounts of THC. NDTHC products are perfect for hemp consumers who worry about THC sensitivity or failing a drug test. These consumers should seek CBD and minor cannabinoids labeled as as non-detectable THC.

Dr. CBD developed lab-tested hemp products that contain undetectable amounts of THC. How is Non-Detectable THC produced?

Dr. CBD Develops Top-Quality Non-Detectable THC Products

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Dr. CBD processes pesticide-free hemp without using solvents or heavy metals. We extract quality hemp oils, isolates and water soluble. These non-detectable THC formulations are customizable as private-labeled and white-labeled products that can be crafted quickly. These products could contain blends of terpenes and NDTHC formulations. 

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