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Affiliate [How to]

Join our awesome affiliate program!

20% of every order and for life

How our program works

Duration: Forever

You read that right, for life. It doesn’t matter if it’s even 100 years from now.

Commission: 20%

You will earn a commission from all of your affiliate members sales, no matter what.

Limitation: None

There is absolutely no limitations on starting our affiliate program and it’s free!

3 easy steps to start earning commissions.


Join for free. It only takes 1 minute to sign up and start sharing with others. You help some to learn and on our part, we share our income with you.


When you become an affiliate, we’ll provide you with a personal affiliate ID. Share any course link including your ID. Seat back and monitor your progress on a clear dashboard.


For every purchase that is made with your link, we’ll share 10% of the initial and recurring sale. This can increase to 20% depending on your rate of conversion of customers.

We are more than Affiliates. We are Partners-in-Progress

Frequently asked questions

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming a Dr. CBD affiliate.

We Emphasis on FDA Approved products first but not limit to the Doctor’s prescriptions products as we have doctor’s onboard to prescribe other supplements. However, You can sell all products available on our website. The choice is your and its easy to create links in your dashboard.

The rate you earn will start from 10% and can increase overtime to 20% depending on the rate at which you convert customers and traffic to your Affiliate ID. There are no limits on the income you can earn as an affiliate. We will share our revenue with you as long as people keep purchasing and you know the best part? – you get notifications immediately and can view your income in real time.

In order to become an affiliate you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Affiliate Program which is available during the signup process.

Of course, there is no commitment. You reserve the right to stop promoting a single or all of our courses at any time.

Our affiliate system is very fair and protects all parties. If a customer referred by your site returns or cancels an order for refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to online credit card issues, we may debit your account for any commission earned on that transaction. However, please make sure that the returns goods are aligned with our return and refund policy

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