We are a fully integrated company with expertise in both medical grade Cannabis and Kratom. Our operation includes upstream (indoor cultivation), midstream (extraction) to downstream (medical grade products). We place emphasis on quality, efficacy and purity and continual research in creating premium medical grade products.

Our extension of service, Dr.CBD Cannabis Clinic is an alternative holistic clinic that focuses on disease prevention while providing a personalized level of care to meet the individual requirements of each patient. Our Cannabis clinics also promote holistic care and treatment incorporating Thai Traditional Medicine along with Modern Therapy to provide the highest level of health treatment.

CBD Extraction

Emphasizing on the quality of pure and natural extracts to premium medical standard. We offer access to consistent quality bulk cannabinoid ingredients with an array of options : Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, CBD Purity 85-99%,  CBD Crystal form, CBD Water Soluble and Nano-Emulsion.

Cannabis Fertilizer

‘BIOSTIMULANTS ORGANIC CANNABIS PLANT’ fertilizer is the innovation of modern organic farming for sustainable crops. Our products are made to combat specific issues including soil nourishment, pest resistance, fungal prevention/immunity and growth enhancement for stems and blooms.

Our professional team

Our team members are experienced leaders, experts in their fields, and passionate about anything cannabis. Our approach is innovative, collaborative and scientific, and we strive to build awareness about cannabis and meet the demands of our customers and community.

Pornchai Padmindra

CEO & Founder

Tiya Paosawasdi

Managing Director & Founder


Dr. CBD aspires to follow the royal determination involving public hygiene and providing alternative healing medicine in a bid to raise the nation’s quality of health and life.


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