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Dr. PET CBD Makes Waves with Innovative Products for Thailand’s Reptile Enthusiasts

CBD extract from cannabis (hemp) has many medical benefits

it can also be used for various animals. All vertebrates (birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals) have an endocannabinoid system, a complex cell-signaling system with cellular receptors that balance the functioning of various organs in the body. CBD is a growing trend in pet healthcare as pet owners seek natural and safe products that enhance the physical and mental well-being of their pets.

In the past, there has been research and studies that have pointed out the benefits of CBD in alleviating various conditions in animals including:

  • Pain and Inflammation Relief: CBD has been found to alleviate pain and inflammation in pets.
  • Skin Conditions: It can help reduce abnormal skin conditions in animals.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: CBD reduces inflammation in pets.
  • Immune System Balance: It helps in balancing the immune system.
  • Anxiety Reduction: CBD can reduce anxiety in pets.

CBD is not only beneficial for dogs and cats but can also be used for exotic animals

Here, we will discuss reptiles, which often have skin problems due to their cold-blooded nature. They have dry skin and scales covering their bodies. If the environmental conditions provided by their caregivers are not suitable such as excessive humidity or lack of sunlight, it can lead to skin diseases and fungal infections. Inflammation of the skin can spread throughout the body or straight to the bloodstream. The challenge in caring for reptiles is that caregivers must understand the nature of these animals. When reptiles are unwell, they can experience pain similarly to humans, dogs, cats and rabbits, but their signs of discomfort may not be expressed. Being kept in an environment that is unsuitable for their natural habitat can cause stress, a weakened immune system and illness.

CBD in cannabis can help address issues in reptiles.

Dr.PET CBD has studied and developed CBD products specifically for reptiles under the brand HAPPII. They are the first in Asia to produce CBD products for reptiles. The products introduced at the T-REX EXOTIC WORLD event include:

  • CBD Reptizen Soothing Balm : A natural balm with CBD that helps alleviate inflammation caused by various skin infections. It also contains Vitamin E, which contains antioxidant and moisturizing properties.
  • Reptizen Oil : CBD oil for reptiles to help reduce stress, anxiety and various inflammatory conditions in the animal’s body. It also boosts immunity and helps with skin issues.

Dr. PET CBD is one of the pioneers in Asia to use innovative CBD solutions for animal healthcare. This initiative was born out of the shared love for animals by Mr. Pornchai Padmindra, the CEO & Founder of Dr. CBD, and Mr. Willie McIntosh. They founded a brand rooted in natural innovation derived from cannabis research conducted in collaboration with veterinarians and a team of specialized scientists.

Their goal is to address specific health issues in pets directly, ensuring their safety from chemical substances and enhancing their overall quality of life. Dr.PET CBD’s products, under the HAPPII brand, provide comprehensive health solutions for pets, including dogs, cats and most recently, reptiles. Their future products will cater to rodents such as rabbits and guinea pigs.
For animal lovers, pets are not just animals, they are family members. They deserve the best and CBD is a safe and natural choice.


Event features a grand procession of various exotic and rare pet species, the largest in Asia. The event’s highlight is the National Gecko Contest 2023, will be held at the BCC Hall @ Central Ladprao on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

In this occasion, Mr. Willie McIntosh will be attending the event. Visitors have the opportunity not only to admire the beautiful geckos participating in the competition but also to engage and chat with Mr. Willie. He will available between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Dr. PET CBD booth.

For those who love exotic pets, you can come and visit the Dr. PET CBD innovation booth at the T-REX EXOTIC WORLD event from September 15th to 17th, 2023, located on the 5th floor of Central Ladprao’s BCC Hall.

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